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Track Indian Mobile Number: 10 Mobile Number Tracker Websites to Trace Phone Numbers In India

Track Indian Mobile Number:- We occasionally receive obnoxious calls or missed calls from unidentified numbers. We also want to know from where and who is making the call. Asking the caller on a follow-up call is the recommended course of action. However, what happens if the other individual doesn’t return calls or texts? To learn more about the caller, we can attempt to track the phone’s position. A common misperception is that one can determine the precise location of a caller. However, that is untrue. Only the location and mobile operator details are available to us (Telecom Circle). It’s important to note that this is not the phone’s current location. Thus, if you’re considering tracking your phone’s location to the street address, you are Squandering your precious time.

It is also possible to track the location of a mobile number up to the city name, or telecom circle. Numerous services enable us to track down and locate cellphone numbers. You can only get the person’s name or mail ID via Truecaller. For complete information, however, you must log in to Truecaller. We include mobile number tracker websites in India and provide location information in this post. All of these websites—aside from TrueCaller—only function with Indian phone numbers. People can now be easily located by phone number.

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Mobile Number Tracker Websites in India

Track Indian Mobile Number

These are the websites where you may track down the owner and location of mobile numbers. These websites allow you to track a cellphone number together with its current location:

1. TrueCaller

For tracing mobile phone numbers, TrueCaller is the most widely used service. There is a mobile app version available as well. In addition to tracking down mobile numbers, it also syncs phone contacts to create a database of phone numbers and their owners. This also tries to show the name of the owner, if it is present in the database. If it can’t locate the owner’s name, it only shows the address. Millions of phone numbers and owner records are available on the site due to its growing popularity.

2. Gizbot Mobile Number Location Tracker

With the help of mobile finder software from, you can quickly locate any mobile number together with its name, location, owner’s address, network operator, and regional details. It also indicates whether there have been any reported complaints or whether the cellphone number is active. It functions nationwide and is completely free to use.

3. Trace Phone Number

Trace Phone Number is a basic phone tracker that claims to be able to locate phone numbers and identify the telecom provider. It has recently included landline phone tracking as well. It additionally indicates the initial time the number became accessible. This data facilitates your conjecture of the caller.

4. Mobile Tracker

Another website that provides the same function is Mobile Tracker. There is a search box where you may type in a phone number and find the location. It looks for the quantity of maps that contain latitude and longitude information. This information indicates where the phone number belongs in the telecom circle. It is not where the number is currently located. This service is limited to phone numbers in India.

Track Indian Mobile Number

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Another useful website for tracking phone number location is BMobile. It uses a map to locate the location, just like Mobile Tracker does. Additionally, it shows every city included in that operator circle. Thus, it’s easy to estimate where it is.

6. Mobile Number Tracker By Gadgetcouncil

You may verify the number’s location, operator, and other details on this comparable website. On the map, it displays a telecom circle.

7. Mobile Number Tracker

The website Mobile Number Tracker allows users to search for phone numbers in India on Google Maps along with information on the owner, state, reference cities, and mobile service provider. Get information about missed calls to combat spam by visiting the top mobile number search website.

8. Indian Mobile Number Tracker:

Any caller’s number can be located with the aid of an Indian mobile number tracker. This is a very basic phone number lookup website that merely shows the caller’s location.

9.  Live GPS search

This website, which tracks cell numbers using GPS position, is rather basic. Click the “Start Phone Tracing” button after entering the phone number in the search field without the country prefix. It will provide information on the phone number’s location. The company states that the location of a phone number entered is displayed together with details, and the findings are 99.9% correct. Only the first six months of this service are free.

How to Trace a Mobile Number’s Exact Location on a Map?

The only users who can track a mobile number’s precise location on a map and receive regular notifications are those who have enabled location sharing on Google Maps. To do this, you must first enable this feature on the phone device of the target.

To share it on Google Maps, take the following actions:

  • Start their mobile device’s Google Maps app.
  • To find out in which they may be proper now, tap the blue dot.
  • Pick out “proportion location.”
  • Select the people and period with whom you desire to proportion the place.

Once area sharing is configured, you can view the location of someone’s mobile phone on a map in India. to look at a person’s present area on Google Maps, adhere to the suggestions furnished under:

  • Tap the app icon for your cellular tool to release Google Maps.
  • Click the hamburger menu (or your profile image, depending on your Android model) and select place sharing.
  • To get admission to the shared device, sincerely faucet on its lower element.
  • You may now view their current area.
  • You can update or refresh by on the pal’s icon.
  • You can switch between “More” and “Refresh.”
Track Indian Mobile Number

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Trace the Mobile Number’s Current Location with the Address

It is now feasible to use the address to find out a cell number’s potential present location through a publicly accessible portal. It’s also very easy to find out how to follow someone in India using their address and telephone number for free.

Indian reverse phone lookup websites claim to be able to reveal details on the phone number owner, including name, address, Indian phone operator, and other information. However, the data these websites offer is often inaccurate or out-of-date, and their accuracy varies. It’s crucial to keep in mind that these websites don’t offer real-time location information.


You can look up phone numbers online with these few reliable mobile phone tracking websites. Now use these mobile number tracker websites to locate persons by phone number. These websites make it simple to track down the mobile number along with its current location. Please let us know in the comments if you are aware of a superior cellphone number location service.


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