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Track Live Location of Mobile Number

Track Live Location of Mobile Number, Top Mobile Number Trackers Online Free with Current Location

Track Live Location of Mobile Number:- There are various mobile number tracker apps and internet services that can help you with your issues, whether you’re trying to find a lost phone or want to track down a caller who is always bothering you with repeated calls. To find out the nation or city the number owner is registered in, all you need to do is type the number.

We’ve also introduced the greatest free mobile number tracker online with location if you wish to track the whereabouts of a mobile number on a map. Let’s examine this!


Use this method to find the mobile number’s current location.

Track Live Location of Mobile Number:

1. FamiSafe:

It is compatible with both iOS and Android. People can trace any device with this. You can track someone in real time on the Android platform with this software. You can also review additional check-in and check-out information in this.

Additionally, this software has intelligent parental control options, real-time device location monitoring, etc. In the Google Play Store, this app received 4.2 stars. Find Live Location of Mobile Number is a free app.

2. Family Locator:

It is a location app tracker as well. It is compatible with both iOS and Android. With this software, users may quickly find out where their friends or family members are. Furthermore, it provides real-time location information for each individual.

The Google Play Store has rated this app with 4.4 stars. This software is free to download, but you must pay Rs 320 a month to access its premium features.

Track Live Location of Mobile Number

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3. Glympse (find the live location of the mobile number):

It is compatible with both iOS and Android. An owner can use this to find out where he works as well.

Additionally, anyone can use this program to track their current location. It also features texting and in-app navigation. In the Google Play Store, this app received 4.3 stars. This program, which is available for free, locates mobile numbers in real time.

4. Find My Friends:

It is compatible with both iOS and Android. You can use this to find out where somebody is. You can track someone using their phone number with this software. Real-time location sharing is also possible. The Google Play Store has rated this app with 3.7 stars.

Although this app is free, you will need to pay Rs 320 a month to access its premium features.

5. GPS Phone Tracker:

It tracks your whereabouts as well. In the Google Play Store, this app received 4.2 stars. This app is available for free, however, to enjoy its premium features, you must pay Rs. 140/-per month.

This is a free way to find the live location of any phone number or mobile device.

Are you proficient with GPS use? You may find people and objects with a GPS in addition to using it for navigation, did you know that? Let us inform you that certain GPS-based gadgets and applications allow for the tracking or finding of objects. We’ll talk to you today about five such tools and applications that make tracking anything easier.

For car safety:

MapmyIndia MMI Rover 201 is a useful tool if you wish to track your car. It is compatible with both browsers and phones.

Stay connected with family members:

You must link your phone’s GPS to find your phone if you want to let your relatives know where you are. This makes it possible for the map’s location to determine the mobile number’s current location.

For house pets:

You can track your pet’s location using this tracker, which costs Rs 9500. Tagg is the name of it. You need to put it on his neck.

Keeping an eye on children:

You should bring a TrackID or LetsTrack gadget if you want to keep an eye on kids without giving them a phone. Prices for this gadget begin at Rs 6000. You can use it on your child’s wardrobe or purse. From any browser, you can find out where they are.

Finding the lost vehicle: (find live location of mobile number)

Two-wheelers are the intended use for it. You can track your bike or scooter with the LetsTrack Bike device. This will provide you with information on your car’s mileage, location history, and parking alerts. After the first year of free access, a one-year subscription worth Rs. 1,200 would be required.

Track Cell Phone Location with WhatsApp Live Location

WhatsApp offers a practical method for tracking a phone’s location using simply the number. WhatsApp, one of the most widely used messaging apps, has an integrated function that lets users share their current position with contacts or particular groups.

Using WhatsApp, track the location of a mobile device:

  • Open WhatsApp on the designated device, then pick the receiver for your conversation.
  • Choose the Location option by tapping the paperclip icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • After choosing the Live location sharing option, click Continue on the pop-up disclaimer that appears.
  • After choosing how long you want to track the cell phone, hit Send.
Track Live Location of Mobile Number

Use Google Maps Location Sharing to Track the Location of Cell Phones

Users can easily share their current GPS location with a specific group by using the Google Maps app’s Location Sharing feature. Friends and family can keep each other informed about each other’s whereabouts at all times thanks to this feature. Its ability to track cell phone locations using Google Maps for free—without incurring fees or requiring the installation of additional software—makes it even more alluring.

Use these procedures to trace a cell phone location on Google for free:

  • Sync your Gmail address with the Google contacts on the target phone.
  • On their smartphone, launch the app and sign in.
  • In the upper-right corner, choose Google Profile.
  • Click “Share Location”. Decide how long you want to keep sharing before stopping.
  • Include your name in the roster. Click on Share.

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Track the location of a cell phone using Find My Device

Users can track the location of their mobile devices via Google’s “Find My Device” software, which is only accessible for Android smartphones and is free to download. These tracking apps with Google support can identify lost smartphones, but they also offer very precise location information.

Using “Find My Device,” trace cell phones by doing the following steps:

  • Install the app on the preferred device after downloading it from the app store.
  • Open the application and turn on location services.
  • Using your mobile browser, navigate to the webpage to utilize Find My Device.
  • To find out where they are, simply type their Gmail address into the search bar.

Track Live Location of Mobile Number: Methods of Trace Mobile Number Current Location

It takes more than simply knowledge of the underlying technologies to track a cell phone number. It also entails being aware of the precise techniques for doing so. Let’s examine these strategies in more detail.

Method 1: Operator-Based Tracking

An important factor in the tracking process is your mobile provider. They have access to the data that your device exchanges with their cell towers. The operator can utilize this information to determine a device’s position in an emergency or under specific legal circumstances. But keep in mind that operator-based tracking’s accuracy varies and that laws and policies tightly restrict its use.

Method 2: GPS Tracking

The most popular and accurate way to track a place is through GPS tracking. As we’ve already covered, GPS determines a device’s precise location by using satellite signals. Many apps use the built-in GPS on modern smartphones for a variety of functions, such as social networking and fitness tracking in addition to navigation. Recall that GPS functions best outside when there is an unhindered line of sight to the sky.

Method 3: Third-Party Mobile Tracking Applications

Applications for tracking mobile devices from third parties have grown in popularity. These applications track a device’s location by utilizing cellular data, Wi-Fi, and GPS. In addition, a few of these apps have real-time tracking, geofencing, and location history functions. Though they might be useful, exercise caution when selecting apps. Verify that they are from reliable sources, read reviews, and look over their privacy policies.

These techniques can be highly helpful for both personal and business purposes, like as managing a fleet of delivery vans or recovering a misplaced phone. The secret is to know how to use them ethically and responsibly.

Track Live Location of Mobile Number

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FAQs On Track Live Location of Mobile Number

Q.) Can I view my current location using my mobile number?

Ans. Yes, you can use a mobile number to track its present location, but you will require the target’s consent to do so. 3. How Can I Use a Google Map to Find a Cell Phone Number for Free? If you know their phone number, you can use Google Maps “Find My Device” tool to find their Android phone.

Q.) How can I use a satellite to find the current position of a mobile number?

Ans. You will need to use a mobile phone tracking app to track the current position of a mobile number via satellite. Numerous apps are accessible, both for free and for a fee. Among the most downloaded programs is FamiGuard Pro.

Q.) How can I use WhatsApp to track my current location?

Ans. Go to Settings > Tap Apps > WhatsApp > Rights> Location > Turn on WhatsApp to enable location rights for the app. Choose from ‘Allow only while using the app,’ ‘Ask every time,’ and ‘Don’t allow.’ 2. Start a private or public chat.

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