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How to Find Location of Mobile Number

How to Find Location of Mobile Number, Find mobile number location for free, FAQs

How to Find Location of Mobile Number:- Have there ever been circumstances where you needed to know a cell number’s current location? The ability to track the current whereabouts of a loved one or locate a misplaced gadget can both benefit from knowing a mobile number’s real-time location. In this post, we’ll examine many methods and tools that let you get a cell number’s current location for free. Our goal is to give you thorough guidance on how to accomplish this chore safely and successfully, including links to internet resources and mobile tracking programs.


Understanding the Limitations

Before delving into the techniques, it’s critical to comprehend the constraints and moral issues surrounding tracing a cell number’s current position. A key consideration is a privacy, therefore it’s critical to have the right permission, utilize these techniques sensibly, and stay within the law. It’s advised to follow a mobile number’s location only with that person’s express consent or in circumstances when it’s allowed to do so, like tracking a misplaced device.

How to Find Location of Mobile Number:

Method 1: Mobile Tracking Apps

  • Install a trustworthy mobile tracking app: Several apps are available that provide real-time location tracking. Look into and select a reliable app that meets your requirements.
  • Give the essential permissions: After installing the program, give the necessary permissions so that it may track your location. Access to contacts, network data, and location services are a few examples of these rights.
  • Sign up and configure the app: Create an account by following the app’s signup instructions. Customize the settings to your liking for security features, location updates, and notifications.
  • Ask them to share their location: If you have permission to track someone, ask them to share their location with you through the app. For you to track their real-time location, they must accept the invitation.
  • Track the live location: Following acceptance of the invitation, you can use your device to follow the person’s live location. In addition to offering real-time updates, the app might have other features like location history and geofencing.
How to Find Location of Mobile Number

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Method 2: Online Mobile Tracking Services

  • Use websites that provide free online mobile tracking: Several websites provide online mobile tracking services. These services track a mobile number’s real-time position using GPS technology.
  • Look for a trustworthy web-based tracking service: Seek out trustworthy websites that focus on tracking mobile devices. Verify the website’s track record for precise location monitoring and its favorable user evaluations.
  • Put the mobile number here: Enter the mobile number you wish to track in the designated search field on the tracking website of your choice.
  • Verify and confirm: To ensure that you are a valid user, certain tracking services may ask you to go through a verification step. To finish the verification, take the required actions.
  • Track the location in real-time: Following verification, the website will show the mobile number’s current location on a map. Depending on the service, you might see the position in real time or get updates regularly.

Method 3: Built-in Device Tracking Features

  • Make use of the built-in tracking capabilities of your smartphone: You can track the live location of your smartphone with several of them. These functions frequently connect to the online services offered by the device maker.
  • Turn on device tracking: Locate the “Find My Device” or a comparable option by going to the device settings. To set it up, activate the functionality and adhere to the setup instructions.
  • Get on the tracking website: Go to the relevant website that the device’s maker has given. Locate the device on the map and sign in using the same account that is connected to your device.
  • Follow along in real-time: The app will show you your device’s location in real-time on a map. Additional capabilities include the ability to erase data, lock it remotely, and sound an alarm in the event of loss or theft.

How to Find Location of Mobile Number: Track Someone’s Location with Phone Number

The following are some of the most well-known resources for using a phone number to locate someone:

1) Intelius

With the help of the phone surveillance app Intelius, you can easily keep tabs on your kids’ online activities from a distance. With a geo-fence setup, you can get notifications whenever your child enters or leaves a particular area. This app makes it simple and visible to track the whereabouts of a chosen device on Google Maps.


  • Files on your phone are easily accessible from anywhere at any time.
  • Real-time data syncing is possible via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G networks.
  • oversight of corporate secrecy and security
  • You can record phone calls on your child’s phone.
  • Support a variety of languages.
  • It facilitates remote screenshot capture.
  • Anyone utilizing it can provide you with their passwords and data.
  • Location Monitoring: Accurate
  • Yes, Stealth Mode
  • Operating Systems: Windows, iOS, and Android
  • Free Trial: $0.95 for five days

2) Spokeo

If you’re looking to find out where someone is, Spokeo is among the greatest phone tracker applications available. You may track certain devices in real time using this software.

You can create a zone on the map with the help of Spokeo’s location tracker tools. If the gadget moves into or out of this area, you will receive immediate notifications.


  • Simple media and social app snooping
  • You have the power to stop your partner or kid from going to events you find objectionable.
  • Locate your camera’s concealed image.
  • Discover every communication you’ve sent, received, or erased.
  • The calendar app on your phone gives you details about events, like the name, location,
  • Date, and time.
  • Tracking a location: Yes
  • Not in stealth mode
  • Encouraged Platforms: iOS, Windows, and Android
  • Refund Policy: Free Trial for 7 Days
How to Find Location of Mobile Number

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3) mSpy

Best Overall

One of the greatest location tracking tools is mSPy, which allows you to follow a target’s exact location in real-time on an intricate map.

You may also check the phone’s travel history over a predetermined period using the mSpy software. You will also receive information on the location, time, accuracy, and address.


  • For viewing incoming or outgoing text messages, this is among the greatest cellphone tracker apps available.
  • With the target’s GPS coordinates and time, you may see a comprehensive list of all the locations they have visited.
  • You may secure and encrypt the location data you provide with the program.
  • You can keep an eye on how frequently they visit the designated areas.
  • Location Monitoring: Accurate
  • Yes, Stealth Mode
  • Compatibility: Android, iPhone, iPad
  • Refund Policy: Money-back guarantee for 14 days


With the phone tracker program, you may find someone anywhere in the world by inputting their phone number. It is compatible with all operating systems because of its design. As such, you don’t have to be aware of the operating system that they’re running.

It helps them find you, wherever they are in the world. However, bear in mind that you need to install this programme on the specific device to locate it.


  • It assists you in finding the precise location
  • Provides an infinite amount of phone numbers
  • Enter a person’s number to find their location.
  • Compatible with all phone models
  • It is possible to write personalized messages.
  • No jailbreak is required.
  • Location Monitoring: Accurate
  • Platforms Supported: iOS and Android
  • A 14-day Money-Back Guarantee is the refund policy.

5) Social Catfish

With the help of the well-known phone tracking app Social Catfish, you may get into someone’s smartphone and look through their call history. It also offers a history and time stamps of the places the owner of the gadget has previously visited.


  • Call tracking is simple to use.
  • It facilitates tracking down misplaced or pilfered phones as well as the device’s surfing history.
  • Financial data, such as bankruptcy and evictions
  • Identity of the individual Social media profiles.
  • Location Monitoring: Accurate
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
  • Free Trial: $5.73 for a 5-day trial period with unlimited searches

6) Eyezy

You can track SMS, GPS, calls, and texts using Eyezy. You can save SMS messages and keep track of a phone’s pictures and screenshots. The information that the user sends and receives is also visible to you. This software is installable from your online account.


  • It lets you monitor what your kids and employees do online.
  • This phone number location tracker program aids in gaining access to the targeted device’s Internet browsing history.
  • From your online account, you can download and install this covert phone monitoring software.
  • Location Monitoring: Accurate
  • Not in stealth mode
  • Platforms supported: iPads, iOS, and Android
  • A 14-day Money-Back Guarantee is the refund policy.


It can be useful to find a cell number’s current location in several circumstances, but it’s crucial to respect privacy and utilize these techniques sensibly. There are various ways to track a mobile number’s current position, including built-in device tracking tools, web tracking services, and mobile tracking apps. Select the approach that best meets your needs, bearing in mind the need for consent and compliance with legal and ethical criteria. By using these techniques, you can find a cell number’s current location for free and use the knowledge to guide judgments.

How to Find Location of Mobile Number

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FAQs On How to Find Location of Mobile Number

Q.) Is it permissible to follow a mobile number’s current location?

Ans. Depending on the country, tracking a mobile number’s live location may or may not be lawful. It’s critical to comprehend and abide by the rules and legislation unique to your area. It is generally allowed to track someone’s whereabouts with that person’s express authorization. It is imperative, therefore, to uphold individuals’ right to privacy, secure appropriate consent, and employ tracking techniques within the bounds of the law.

Q.) Is it possible to get a free live location tracker for any mobile number?

Ans. Usually, you need the subject’s permission to track a mobile number’s real-time location. While there are ways to trace a cellphone number, their accuracy or accessibility may be limited, or they might not be free. Using reliable techniques and services that respect privacy rights and legal requirements is crucial.

Q.) Can I follow a mobile number’s live location on my phone without installing any software or apps?

Ans. To find out the current location of another mobile number, you might occasionally have to install a mobile tracking program on your handset. Online tracking services, on the other hand, enable location tracking via a website without the need to install any software. It is contingent upon the approach you select and the particular needs of the tracking service.

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