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Track Location By Number: 10 Best Ways to Track a Mobile Number Location by Number Tracker [Freely and Legally]

Track Location By Number:- Follow Address By Phone utilizing a phone lookup app. Using this service, you can find the general area of the phone. making use of a spy app. With the phone number, this service can pinpoint the precise position of the device. Although the first option is free and can provide you with an estimated location, it is unable to record the phone’s movement history or provide you with the actual location of the device. Conversely, a spy app tracks the phone and provides you with its precise location using the built-in GPS. Thus, a spying application is more dependable, efficient, and practical than a phone lookup service.

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This post will walk you through how to use it, what to anticipate, and provide you with a list of the best 10 spy applications.

  • A great tool for tracking mobile numbers is Numlooker.
  • WhoCallMe: perform thorough social media searches and a deep web scan
  • You can track a mobile number with USPhoneSearch since it has all the necessary functionality.
  • USPhoneLookup is a fantastic tool that helps you find out who is calling in a matter of minutes.
  • You can quickly identify the caller and obtain all of their available information by using TheNumberLookup.
  • The most popular and practical reverse phone lookup service is WhatIsThisNumber.
  • Experience the professional phone lookup service at Spokeo.
  • Use CocoSpy, a phone spy program, to follow an iOS or Android smartphone without the owner’s knowledge.
  • Spyic: This program allows you to locate a device by its mobile number.
  • You can trace mobile phone numbers more quickly and easily using Spine.


10 Best Websites to Track or Lookup Cell Phone Numbers for Free

1. NumLooker

A great tool for tracking mobile numbers is NumLooker. It is quite simple to use even with all of its capabilities. The navigation is simple and obvious thanks to the clearly labelled search choices. This website allows you to locate your target by inputting their mobile number, which will provide their last known address. The other details vary according to the kind of search you are conducting. When you want to discover someone, phone location lookups might be an excellent place to start because they provide the carrier’s name along with the phone type (landline or mobile).


  • Simple to use
  • Tailored searches


  • You might have to pay for thorough searches.
  • To Track Mobile Numbers, Use NumLooker Now!

2. WhoCallMe

WhoCallMe is an excellent tool for thorough social network searches and deep web scanning. To give you as much information as possible, the website will scan public records, data brokers, government agencies, business databases, and any other internet data sources that it can locate when you enter a mobile number. This is among the most reasonably priced phone location lookup services out there. There are no search restrictions either. Engineers at WhoCallMe built the search engine to provide you access to data that some people might not want you to know.


  • Accurate and reliable results
  • Fast processing time
  • Board and detailed database


  • It could be difficult to track if there are too many options.
  • Go to WhoCallMe to Look Up a Phone Number Right Now!

3. USPhoneSearch

When tracking a mobile number, USPhoneSearch has all the essential capabilities you require. Furthermore, the outcomes are current and fairly accurate. In addition, the website offers several unique features, like the ability to look up people by alias or maiden name. To narrow down your results, you may also make use of the site’s sophisticated search features.

Additionally, its user interface is fluid and easy to use. Furthermore, you can conduct an unlimited number of searches.


  • Information is accurate & updated
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not checking social media
  • Use USPhoneSearch to Find the Location of a Phone Here!

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4. USPhoneLookup

Track Location By Number

Another great service that helps you find out who is calling in minutes is USPhoneLookup. You can be certain that the information in our database is accurate and up to date because it is compiled from all public records, including those kept by government bodies, and is updated frequently. To determine who phoned you, the service will also use additional data, such as area codes, search engine results, social media accounts, official websites, and online phone directories.


  • You can get an in-depth background report
  • Customer support team 24/7


  • It’s possible that certain features require a paid subscription to access.
  • To Locate a Number Using USPhoneLookup, Click Here Right Now!

5. TheNumberLookup

With TheNumberLookup, you can quickly identify the caller and obtain all of their information, including contact and personal details. Reverse phone lookup services, such as The Number Lookup, are well-known for giving you access to comprehensive information about the person making the calls. The owner of the phone will have their data gathered from large public databases using various methods.


  • incredibly user-friendly
  • functions flawlessly in stealth mode


  • There are restrictions on the free plan.
  • Get the location of any phone right now with TheNumberLookup

6. WhatIsThisNumber

Track Location By Number

The most popular and practical reverse phone lookup service is WhatIsThisNumber. This tool, like all the others on this list, starts working as soon as numbers are looked up. It assists you in learning all the information you need to know about your unknown caller. Get instant access to thousands of public databases and, in a matter of minutes, generate a comprehensive report about the caller. The web application is unique because of its exceptional geolocation features. uses GPS, cell towers, and Wi-Fi towers to pinpoint the exact location of an observed device.


  • The results are highly accurate
  • Can track up to five devices simultaneously


  • You might have to pay for thorough searches.
  • To Use WhatIsThisNumber’s Entire Functionality, Click Here Right Now!

7. Spokeo

One of the most affordable mobile number tracing services accessible is Spokeo. For a very modest $0.95, you can test it for seven days. Whichever membership you select, Spokeo will offer you the same degree of customization and authority over search results. Every report includes the following basic information: name, address, city and state, mobile number, age, marital status, and educational attainment. In addition, it offers details on the person whose number it is, the network operator, and the kind of line—mobile, landline, or VoIP. Even searching via directories using zip codes is possible. Additionally, Spokeo gathers user reviews so you can judge a caller’s dependability based on their remarks.


  • Helpful advanced filtering tools
  • Notifies you of any profile changes


  • only functions within the United States
  • Go to Spokeo Right Now To Track A Phone With A Mobile Number!

8. CocoSpy

Track Location By Number

You can use Cocospy to get access to a phone spy app that can follow an iOS or Android smartphone without the owner’s knowledge. The reason Cocospy can accomplish this is because of its extremely powerful stealth mode, which gives you total invisibility so you can monitor cell phone activities without drawing attention to yourself. To begin, just register for a Cocospy account, get the device you want to watch, and then install Cocospy on it.

Installing the software requires logging into your Cocospy account before you can start watching the target device.


  • Plenty of features
  • Easy sign-up process
  • 24/7 assistance


  • There isn’t a free trial available.
  • To find the location of any phone, try Cocospy today!

9. Spyic

Another excellent online tool for tracing mobile numbers is Spyic. This online tool allows you to locate a device based on its mobile number. Because Spyic works with all mobile devices and network providers, figuring out someone’s location just by looking at their mobile number is remarkably easy. Furthermore, when you send a tracking link-containing SMS to a target device, your identity stays hidden.


  • You can track multiple devices.
  • It works on iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad


  • Pricey

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10. Spyine

Track Location By Number

The majority of people consider Spyine to be the top phone spyware program on the market. It is possible to install its spyware method on iOS and Android devices without jailbreaking or rooting them. With a dashboard that is accessible from anywhere via an internet browser, the application starts surreptitiously monitoring the targeted device and sends you real-time information.

You can monitor and read text messages, social media posts, and other data from the targeted phone by using the application. Additionally, you may review the phone’s call logs, which provide crucial details like call duration, frequency, and timestamps. On an e-map, you may also establish a zone and get instant alerts when someone enters or exits it.


  • No need to root or jailbreak
  • Very user-friendly


  • Social media monitoring is limited


Locating a phone can occasionally mean the difference between life and death. For example, a spouse may want to know if their significant other is honouring their commitment, or a parent may need to know where their children are in order to ensure their safety. For whatever reason, you will get all the information you require in this article to properly track a phone using its mobile number.


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