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Track Your Mobile Number, 10 Best Free Phone Number Trackers Are Here, Top 6 Phone Number Tracking Apps

Track Your Mobile Number:- How can I find the location of a cell phone by number? Many individuals are interested in answering this question. MiniTool has compiled a list of the top ten free phone number trackers, including websites and third-party apps, in this post.

How can I find the location of a cell phone by number? Many individuals are interested in answering this question. MiniTool has compiled a list of the top ten free phone number trackers, including websites and third-party apps, in this post.


Is It Free to Track a Cell Phone’s Location via Number?

Is it permissible for me to look up phone numbers? Yes, of course. It is free to trace a cell phone’s location by number. You may find out the precise location of a phone number using several free internet resources and third-party apps. You can read the section that follows for further information.

How to Use Websites and Apps to Legally and Freely Track a Phone Number

Here, we’ve tested several phone number trackers from internet websites and apps to assist you locate a cell phone location by number in a free and legal manner. You can immediately select the one that works best for you, or you can test them all in order.

The Top 5 Free Online Phone Number Tracking Websites

Consider using one of the following five websites to track a phone number and find a location for free online without having to download an additional app. They are as follows:

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Track Your Mobile Number: The Top 5 Free Phone Number Tracking Apps

Track Your Mobile Number

To track the location using your phone number, you may also try the following 5 third-party phone number tracker apps.

Phone Tracker By Number

Millions of users have downloaded Phone Tracker By Number, a precise and reliable GPS phone number tracker. The purpose of this software is to enable parents to quickly and correctly locate their child using their phone number. It tracks the GPS locations of parents and kids within a private, secure network.

By looking through the app’s history on their phones, parents can use this app to see every location their children have visited. More significantly, parents may effectively track down their kids by adding an infinite number of their phone numbers to the network.


For iOS and Android smartphones, Intelius is another free phone number tracker. The app is available for download on the Apple Store for iPhones and the Google Play Store for Android phones. With the aid of this software, you may do strong and accurate phone number location searches.

Furthermore, you can follow someone by phone number with Intelius and keep them unaware of it. These searches are all carried out in secret and are private. In other words, nobody will be aware that you looked for them.

Mobile Number Locator

With the help of the Mobile Number Locator app, you can easily find and follow a phone number. It can track several phone location details, such as name, state, city, and area, via the phone number. This application allows you to view the target mobile number on Google Maps and track a phone number from anywhere in the world. It’s available for download on the Google Play Store.


Through the use of a reverse phone lookup and access to public record data, BeenVerified can assist you in tracking down phone numbers. Additionally, there are numerous platforms for which this software is compatible, such as Android, iPhone, iPad, and even Apple Watches.

Apart from utilizing the phone number, the application permits you to follow the location and maybe examine its social networks, relatives, images, and further details by utilizing a name, address, or email.

Mr. Number – Caller ID & Spam Protection

The Mr. Number – Caller ID & Spam Protection software is a wonderful option if you’re looking for a safe mobile phone number tracker. This program can restrict calls from an individual, an area code, or even the entire nation. Moreover, it can assist you in recognizing and preventing fraud, scams, and spam. The software is available for free download from the Google Play Store, but there are paid subscription options available as well—monthly, annual, and lifetime.

Track Your Mobile Number

Track Your Mobile Number: The Best 3 Apps for iPhone Users to Track Phone Numbers

Every day, a significant amount of apps are uploaded to the Apple App Store. How can I pick the top tracker for my iPhone number? How can I trace a phone number for free? Try downloading one of these three apps!

Number Locator

The software Store’s Number Locator is a very fantastic software for tracking phone numbers. Simply enter the phone number and hit the search button to view information on the number’s registration. Be aware that this is a mobile phone number seeker rather than a mobile tracker. You may also consult the address associated with the number. For the majority of iOS users, it appears to be the greatest free phone tracker app.

Mobile Number Tracker Location

Get the operator and network information of any mobile phone number located anywhere in the world, including America, Canada, Europe, Asia, etc., using Mobile Number Tracker Location, a real-time tracker. It is undeniable that this app is ideal for answering almost all phone number-related questions. Not to add, you need to have this app installed on the phone you are searching.

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Search & Track Number

A limited-scope mobile number tracker is Search & Track Number. Try typing in the unknown phone number and selecting Locate if you need to know who is calling you. You will soon see updated information on that phone number. For example, the number’s registration location, service provider, whether it’s a mobile phone number, fixed-line number, or mobile number, etc.

Track Your Mobile Number: Android Users’ Top 3 Apps for Tracking Cell Phone Numbers

Given that there are far more Android users than iOS users worldwide, how can one choose the top mobile number tracker software for Android from Google Play? Try out the following applications now!

Mobile Number Tracker

With a mobile number tracker, you may use an internet connection to monitor STD/ISD codes and view the position of the caller on a map about the phone number. After looking up the phone number, it provides the user with information such as the caller’s location along with the operator, area, city, and state names.

Mobile Number Locator

As long as you know the phone number, Mobile Number Locator allows you to search and track the location of all incoming and outgoing calls in 246 countries and 12982 city areas globally. Try using this program if you want to find out where the guy is calling from and whose number it is. Without their realizing it, it’s a fairly decent cell phone tracker application.

Track Your Mobile Number

Trace Mobile Number

When a call comes in, Trace Mobile Number displays caller details including telecom provider and location. Without requiring an Internet connection, you may also view the details of a mobile number in the call record and determine the address using a map. There are toll-free, landline, and videocon numbers included in the phone number.

Now, attempt to trace an iPhone or Android phone number without authorization by using one of the top 6 best phone number monitoring applications. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to track the username using that number in nations like China where phone numbers are real-name systems. If you are the one being followed, how may this be resolved? Tenorshare iCareFone Cleaner is a superior option, though! It facilitates your cleanup and erases all data in your iPhone.

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FAQs On Track Your Mobile Number

Q.) How does tracing a phone number operate?

Ans. Utilizing databases and algorithms, online mobile number trackers use a phone’s number to pinpoint its position. Mobile network operators have access to their subscribers’ real-time location information. Apps for third-party surveillance are accurate and focus on tracking locations.

Q.) What is the mobile tracker and how does it work?

Ans. For Android smartphones and tablets, Mobile Tracker Free is a monitoring tool that collects ambient sounds, monitors messages from instant messaging, retrieves the GPS coordinates of the device, and tracks text messages and calls.

Q.) How simple is it to find a phone number?

Ans. There are several free ways to track a phone number. A quick, simple, and lawful method to do this is by using an online reverse phone lookup tool. You may just enter a phone number on websites like Who Called Me? and Truecaller to possibly acquire some information about the owner.

Q.) What is the simplest method for following a phone number?

Ans. Make sure the phone’s GPS is active before attempting to use Google Maps to track a number. Next, include the phone number in your Google contacts and ask to see their location using Google Maps’ ‘Share Location’ function. You can use your device to track their position once they accept your request.

Q.) Is Mobile Tracker free safe?

Ans. Using Mobile Tracker Free: A parental solution to keep an eye on your young children is completely lawful. similar to a tracking system that keeps an eye on the company’s devices.

Q.) Can someone use your phone number to find you?

Ans. Fortunately, not everyone can use your phone number alone to find you. They may, nevertheless, make other uses of your number. They might use it, for instance, to send you phishing messages, take over your online accounts, or pose as you. We’ll go over just who can locate you and what you can do about it below.

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