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How to Track a Mobile Number Live Location

How to Track a Mobile Number Live Location, 10 Best Websites and Apps to Find Current Location by Phone Number Free

How to Track a Mobile Number Live Location:-  A smartphone is a device that most people always have with them. This has made it simpler to find someone by utilizing their phone number. In a few of minutes, you can locate a phone number’s present location if you have the appropriate equipment.

There is no special expertise or skill required for the procedures covered in this article, and they are completely legal. These techniques can assist you in obtaining the information you require, whether you’re attempting to locate a misplaced phone or monitor a loved one.

These are the instructions from a few reputable websites and apps that can assist you in finding your present location for free by providing your phone number.


Is it Possible to Get the Current Location for Free by Phone Number?

Indeed, it is feasible to use websites, applications, social media platforms, GPS-enabled devices, or emergency services to find out someone’s current position by phone number for free.

The Top 10 Websites and Apps for Free Location Tracking by Phone Number

How to Track a Mobile Number Live Location

How to Track a Mobile Number Live Location:


You may keep an eye on and track someone’s smartphone activities without their knowledge by using the Spylix Tracking software. This is beneficial, particularly for parents. By doing this, you would be able to identify and stop any risky individuals from engaging with your child, which could result in unanticipated events. This website tracks without interfering with the target device’s ongoing activities.

How to Use Syplix to Look Up Your Current Phone Number Location:

  • Create a free account on Syplix’s website to begin tracking.
  • Once registration is complete, follow the setup steps to configure Syplix.
  • All you’ll need is the IMEI number of the intended phone.
  • Now that you’re in the Syplix management panel, you can keep an eye on all of the phone’s activity, including where it is.

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How to Track a Mobile Number Live Location

Google Maps

On their phones, Android users all have Google Maps loaded. The location-sharing feature of the app lets you find out where other people are. Both an independent download and iOS can make use of it. You may view people’s positions in real time with Google Maps. But you can only follow someone if they have permitted you to track them.

How to Look Up Your Current Location by Phone Number on Google Maps:

  • Open the Google Maps app on your phone to monitor someone.
  • Open your account avatar by clicking on it in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Select Location Sharing by tapping the pop-up window.
  • The list of people who have also enabled location sharing will be visible to you from that point on.


With the help of the software Geo-Tracker, users may monitor another device’s whereabouts in real-time. Using GPS, WiFi, and GSM, it determines the precise location of the mobile device. It can store and share GPS track histories with pals.

How to Locate Your Current Location by Phone Number using GEO-Tracker:

  • Installing an app on the target device is necessary to enable GEO-Tracker on that particular device.
  • It has to have an internet connection and have its location services turned on.
  • Launch Geo-Tracking in your browser to begin tracking.
  • From the Configure Geo-Tracking Settings page, activate geo-tracking.
  • To begin tracking the target device, select Selected Groups.


WhitePages is an app that helps you locate people, their contact details, information, and background. Plans start at a reasonable price, and certain information is available without charge. Furthermore, the program has a user-friendly interface. You may find out the name and location of an unknown caller with the free version. However, you must sign up for a premium subscription if you require a thorough background check.

How to Look Up Current Location by Phone Number on Whitepages:

  • Select the Reverse Phone lookup option to track the current location of a mobile number online.
  • After inputting the desired mobile number, hit the search button.
  • In about a minute, a lookup result will be available.


Another online service for reverse phone lookups is FreePhoneTracer, which just requires the phone number you’re looking for. The provider, line type, and place of phone issuance are all accessible for the registered number. The owner’s name of the landline will appear if you are searching on a landline number.

How to Locate Your Current Location by Phone Number Using

  • Use the FreePhoneTracer website to look up the details related to the phone number.
  • Fill out the search form with the phone number.
  • Select “Find Now” from the menu.
  • It will just take a few seconds to view the outcome.


With the use of the smartphone software Truecaller, you may recognize an unfamiliar caller ID and ban spam calls. Callers who persistently bother you might have their doubts removed with the help of this software. It can automatically ban telemarketing numbers and robocalls. If you don’t have the number phoning you in your phonebook, it will also automatically display the public details.

How to Locate Your Current Location by Phone Number using Truecaller:

  • All you have to do to use Truecaller on your smartphone is download it and adjust the settings using the app.
  • Additionally, you can look up the number’s details online.
  • Simply type the phone number you’re looking for into the Truecaller website when it opens.

Wheres My Droid

When your phone is stolen, Where’s My Droid is a tracking app that helps you find it. If your phone is stolen, it also protects it from harm. There are no fees associated with using the app to find your phone. Capturing images of someone entering the incorrect passcode and using the GPS Flare feature, which allows you to reveal your location even when your phone’s power is low, are two other capabilities of the software.

How to Track a Mobile Number Live Location

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How to Use Where’s My Droid to Look Up Your Current Phone Number Location:

  • Download the app on your mobile device to utilize it.
  • Launch the application and go through the usage instructions.
  • Please fill out the device-related fields.
  • When the start has finished configuring, it will operate automatically.


The free app Mobile Number Locator finds the location of the caller’s mobile number. It enables the user to view the location, network, and name of the mobile number automatically.

How to Use Phone Number to Find Current Location using MobileNumberTracker:

  • Simply download the app from Google Play to begin using it.
  • It is ready for usage if you follow the app’s setup instructions.


With the help of the PhoneLocation website, you may get the current location by phone number for free. It enables you to obtain the real-time geolocation of your target device. This tool works with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

How to Find Your Current Location by Phone Number Using PhoneLocation:

  • To begin looking for a cell phone number.
  • Simply choose the nation’s area code.
  • After entering the cellphone number, select “launch.”

GPS Cell Phone Locator

Users of GPS Cell Phone Locator can follow a phone number without having to come close to the intended phone. You can begin searching through the public records associated with the phone number by using the number lookup option.

How to Locate Your Current Location by Phone Number Using a GPS Cell Phone Locator:

  • Enter the phone number in the website’s search bar to begin tracking.
  • Your target device will receive a text message with a link.
  • You will be able to see their location as soon as they click the link.
How to Track a Mobile Number Live Location

How to Track a Mobile Number Live Location: How to Use Your Phone Number to Find Your Current Location While Preserving Your Privacy

Due to the sharing or storing of private information, locating someone by phone number can cause privacy concerns. Here are some pointers on how to keep your privacy safe when using a phone number to locate someone:

  • Verify that the platform, app, or website you’re using has a secure connection and doesn’t save or distribute any of your data.
  • To find out how the website, app, or platform you’re using uses and stores your personal information, read its privacy policy.
  • Select a platform, app, or website with a solid user base and a good reputation.

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FAQs On How to Track a Mobile Number Live Location

Q.) Can we find a mobile number’s current location?

Ans. Yes, you can use a mobile number to track its present location, but you will require the target’s consent to do so. 3. How Can I Use a Google Map to Find a Cell Phone Number for Free? If you know their phone number, you can use Google Maps “Find My Device” tool to find their Android phone.

Q.) Is it possible to follow someone in real-time?

Ans. Both the Google Maps and the Find My apps allow you to track someone’s location, but the individual you wish to follow must be sharing their location with you already. Most location-sharing apps have this crucial security feature.

Q.) Which app is best for live location tracking?

Ans. Google Maps: This Android software allows you to share your location with friends and family in addition to tracking routes. It offers free GPS tracking services so that consumers can take advantage of location tracking in real-time.

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