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US Cellular IMEI Checker

US Cellular IMEI Checker, CDMA vs GSM, *228 Work on US Cellular, Preferred Roaming List

US Cellular IMEI Checker: US cellular carriers from the United States are represented by codes: 310 066, 310 730, 311 220, and 311 580. The following IDs are called HNI (Home Network Identity). This code is created by combining two other mobile country codes (MCC) and mobile network codes (MNC). The first three numbers stand for MCC and are used to identify the region from which it is taken (in the following example it is the United States). The last number of the HNI codes is equal to MNC and this ID is assigned to the specific mobile network operator.

Also, US Cellular United States has specified country code + 1. This number + 1 is equivalent to the international calling code and is the telephone dialling prefix used to make calls to US cellular numbers. US Cellular uses 2 GSM bands, 2 UMTS bands, and 4 and 2 CDMA bands. You can read the specific frequency bands in the table below. All bands of US Cellular are displayed in MHz units.
Another important detail in US Cellular United States architecture is the standard of the protocol used. It also uses 11 protocols like GSM, UMTS, LTE, and CDMA.


More info about US Cellular

The ISO standard code for US Cellular is US. You can find more information about this mobile network operator at How to Check US Cellular Coverage? How to check if your phone will work in the United States? That information will help you find out whether your device will work in US cellular roaming. Access the database and see if your device will be locked or unlocked in US Cellular. To make sure your phone number is using a US cellular network, use our carrier lookup tool.

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What Does *228 Do On US Cellular Mean?

*228 is a code for a CDMA phone that you dial to update your preferred roaming list. You will not need to dial this number on the GSM device as your PRL gets updated automatically.

What does *228 do?

*228 is a legacy code that you can use to update carrier settings, specifically the preferred roaming list, on a CDMA phone.
Verizon, US Cellular, and older Sprint used these codes to update these settings yourself without needing to go to a local store.
The code works like any other code you can dial, where your carrier knows that the phone is asking for an update when you dial this number, and as a result, the update is sent.
Carriers introduced this to improve the user experience and having the facility to update network settings became very important in that regard.

US Cellular IMEI Checker

What is a Preferred Roaming List?

  • A Preferred Roaming List or PRL is a list or database of towers that a CDMA phone network can connect to.
  • It is only used by CDMA devices as it is a part of their protocol for finding and connecting to the nearest towers.
  • PRL is the database that tells the phone which towers are owned by your carrier and which towers are owned by another carrier.
  • This means that your phone can connect to the tower closest to your carrier. It may not necessarily be the strongest.
  • As more towers are added and the network expands, keeping the PRL updated. It is critical to give your phone the best possible cell coverage.
  • Newer technologies like GSM do not require you to update your PRL as the updates are pushed to you automatically.

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  • This raises the question of what is the difference between CDMA and GSM.
  • The most recognizable and widely known difference is that CDMA does not require a SIM card, whereas GSM does.
  • SIM cards store data related to your phone number and network connection so that you can authenticate and connect to your carrier’s network.
  • CDMA does not require a SIM as all this information is stored in the phone.
  • Its inherent disadvantage is that you will not be able to use two phones with the same number by swapping a SIM card with two GSM phones.
  • If you are travelling internationally, GSM phones allow you to use your carrier-unlocked phone with a local SIM, where you will be forced to use your carrier’s roaming services with CDMA.
  • These are some of the most important differences that you need to understand between the two.

Why PRLs Aren’t A Thing Anymore

  • As of 2021, there are no active CDMA carriers in the United States as all carriers have moved to better and faster LTE, which is light years ahead of GSM in terms of network speed and call quality.
  • It’s always better to upgrade to 4G LTE or the newer 5G because you won’t need to update your roaming lists, and internet data speeds and voice call quality are miles ahead.
  • As well as expanding their 5G and 4G LTE networks. Carriers have begun to port their outdated 2G and 3G infrastructure. Then bring it down just enough to support devices like vending machines.
  • This means that 3G and 2G coverage will take a big hit, combined with slower-than-average speeds compared to 4G. The older standard will become almost unusable.

Is this code relevant now?

  • Instead of using this code, I suggest you upgrade to a more new and modern 4G or 5G network.
  • Popular carriers like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile have plenty of attractive 5G and 4G plans, and if you want something more local, you have Straight Talk or Mint which offer great plans at competitive prices. Is.
  • This code will not work on any devices other than CDMA phones, and since they were completely phased out. So in mains by now, the code will not help with coverage issues.

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US Cellular IMEI Checker

Reciprocal roaming and rural coverage

US Cellular uses “4G LTE data partner coverage” for a good portion of its service area. This means an arrangement with another company to use its network in areas where it is needed. Then your US Cellular IMEI Checker will work seamlessly in these places and you won’t even know there is a difference. If this happens, you do not have to spend anything extra. In addition to agreements with AT&T and Verizon. US Cellular partnered with King Street Wireless to deploy the 700 MHz LTE band in 27 states. This means that U.S. Cellular has the same great coverage in rural areas that AT&T and Verizon offer.

FAQs on US Cellular IMEI Checker

How do I update my US cellular network?
You used to update your US cellular network connection with code *228, but now that CDMA is almost completely phased out, so updating networks is always done automatically.

Which towers does US Cellular use?
US Cellular has about 10% coverage with their own network, so they lease towers from Verizon and AT&T to get their service across the US.

Is US Cellular CDMA or GSM?
US Cellular used to use CDMA phones, but now that everyone has moved to 4G and higher, US Cellular has also moved to GSM.

Can I use a GSM phone on US Cellular?
If your US cellular phone is a GSM device and the carrier is unlocked, you can use any carrier’s GSM SIM card with the phone.

Are US Cellular Phones Unlocked?
As of February 1, 2016, most 4G LTE devices from US Cellular are unlocked. Those sold before that date can potentially be updated via an over-the-air update, so make sure your device is up to date before contacting US Cellular about unlocking.

What details can we get from the IMEI number?
The basic information that an IMEI number contains is all about the device. So, it is hard-coded at the time the number is generated. Making it known in depth about the make, model and specifications of the device it refers to. From this, a carrier can see what the device should be able to do.

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