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Google Maps Phone Number Tracker, Importance of Tracking, Steps to Track on Google Maps, Tracking by Third Party App

Google Maps Phone Number Tracker: GPS tracking is a technology that uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to track and monitor the location of an object or person. The system works by using satellites to pinpoint precise coordinates, allowing users to determine exactly where something is located.

GPS tracking can be used for multiple purposes, such as vehicle tracking, asset management, fleet management, personal security monitoring, and more. It can also be combined with other technologies like GSM/GPRS networks for enhanced accuracy and real-time location updates.

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Why is tracking mobile numbers important?

Emergency Moves:
You can never be with your beloved. At work, you may be required to go to a certain destination and meet strangers (risky). Therefore, it would be helpful if you have someone you trust to watch your steps while you are away for safety and emergency steps.

Tracking a lost or misplaced phone:
If your mobile phone is lost, it is frustrating, even though there are many cases of theft. But you can track your lost and misplaced cell phone by using tracking applications and techniques. You can probably find your lost phone, but an internet connection is critical.

Protect Children:
Mobile number tracking feature also helps in digital parenting. Parents can keep an eye on their kids even when they are not together in the same place. Children can unknowingly adopt unacceptable behavior, so we help and monitor our children.

Stay in Touch:
Mobile tracking features help us to stay in touch with our friends, families, employees, etc. We can monitor employees through mobile tracking. On tours, hikes, treks, etc., you can track each other’s location so that no one gets lost.

How to track cell phone numbers on google maps?

Google Maps allows us to use ‘location sharing’ features. And the person must allow ‘location sharing’ features with you; Otherwise, we cannot identify their location through Google Maps.

Before you start tracking cell phone numbers on Google Maps, you need to make sure of two things:

  • You need physical access to the phone of the targeted person.
  • Ask for the content of the target person.

Steps to Track Cell Phone Numbers on Google Maps

Open Google Maps on the device you want to track

The first and foremost thing is to have Google Maps installed on the target cell phone that we want to track the location of. And can be a friend, relative, or anyone. You will also need to have Google Maps installed on your device. Google Maps is pre-installed as a default app in some smartphones, but in some smartphones, you have to install it.

Click on Main Menu or Profile and go to ‘Location Sharing’ Features

Then later we have to first click on Main Menu; There should be a hamburger icon for that. Then we have to go through the ‘Location Sharing’ option and click on Start for the further process of tracking the cell phone. Otherwise, it is not possible to track devices in Google Maps without sharing their location.

After starting the process, we had to choose for how long we wanted to track the device. If you don’t want any interruption, you can select the ‘Until you turn it off’ option.

Select your contact from the target devices

You will need to select your contact to grant access to Google Maps from the device you want to track. You need to tap on the profile of the person with whom you want to share your location from the target device. Then a message will pop up; All we have to do is click on OK to go ahead.

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Google Maps Phone Number Tracker

Send track location link from the target phone: Google Maps Phone Number Tracker

Now, you can send the link to track the location from the target phone via email, text, or other messaging apps. People can trace your current location using that link.

Select and open the link to finally track the target device

Lastly, you can use the links you get from target phones. Now, you can open the link and track the person’s cell phone using Google Maps on your mobile whenever you want. Simply, you can stop sharing your location if you want. You need to open the Google Maps app and go to ‘Location Sharing’; Tap on the profile of the person with whom you no longer want to share the location and tap on the Stop option to stop sharing the location.

What is GPS tracking?

GPS tracking is a technology that uses the Global Positioning System to track the location of an object or person. You can use GPS tracking for a variety of purposes including monitoring the location of children, employees, assets, and vehicles.

How to use google maps to track a phone?

If you’re trying to track someone’s phone using Google Maps, you can use a few different methods. And first, if you have their phone number and they have an Android phone, you can use the “Find my device” feature built into Google Maps. This will allow you to see their current location and any of their previous locations.

And another way is to use Google’s “Location History” feature. This lets you see everywhere a particular person has been, as long as they’re logged into their Google Account. You can access this feature by visiting

Finally, if you’re trying to track a phone that isn’t yours, some third-party apps can help. These apps use the phone’s GPS signal to track the phone’s location, which is not always accurate. However, they can give you a general idea of where the phone is located.

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Why use third-party software to track someone’s phone?

You may want to track someone’s phone using Google Maps for several reasons. Perhaps you are worried about their safety and want to see their location at all times. Perhaps you are trying to keep tabs on a teen and want to see where they are going after school. Or maybe you’re just curious about where your significant other go when they’re not with you.

Whatever your reasons, there are a few things you should know before using Google Maps to track someone’s phone. First, it’s important to note that this isn’t an official Google feature — there’s no way to do this directly through the Google Maps app or website. Instead, you’ll need to use third-party software or an app that can interface with Google Maps.

There are a few different options, but we recommend Cell Tracker Pro. It is a reliable and easy-to-use app that will let you see real-time data on where a person is located. Plus, it offers a 7-day free trial, so you can try it out before deciding whether or not to subscribe monthly.

Once you’ve set up the app, you’ll be able to see the person’s current location in real-time. You can also see their speed, altitude, and time of day. It’s a great way to keep an eye on someone if you’re concerned about drunk driving or want to check on your child when they’re out at a party.

How to track cell phone numbers on google maps?

You can use the built-in feature of Google Maps to track the location of the phone. If the phone’s owner gives you permission, you can share their location with a Google contact. This a great way to know where your partner is and where they spend their free time.

Share your location with Google Contacts: Google Maps Phone Number Tracker

You can share your location with anyone using Google Maps. This feature is only available on Android. You must be logged into Google or have access to a contact’s Gmail account to use this feature. And if you want to track a friend or loved one’s phone, you can share their location with Google Maps.

Firstly, you should open Google Maps on the target device. On the map, you’ll find an icon for your profile. Click it and select “Location Sharing”. Next, choose the contact with whom you want to share your location. And you can also choose to turn off location sharing at any time.

The next step is to share your location with Google Contacts. And this is a great way to track a friend’s phone. It works by sending a link to your location, which will be valid for 24 hours. Alternatively, you can also send an email or Hangouts message to the person. Also, this method is not available on iPhones but works on Android phones.

So, Google’s location-sharing feature lets you track someone’s movements in real time. However, it is important to note that the person you want to track must have given his consent to share his location with you. And otherwise, you will be unable to track them.

Google Maps Phone Number Tracker

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Track someone’s location without their permission

If you want to spy on someone’s location without their knowledge, there are a few methods that you can use. These methods include the use of smartphone spying apps or location spying software. These apps will help you track someone’s location on Google Maps without them knowing.

The first method is to share the location link with the target person’s phone. You will need to access the target person’s phone and copy the location link to your clipboard. You can do this on iOS or Android and then send it to the targeted person via their messaging app.

Another option is to use a program called Spylix. This software offers many features and is far more reliable than Google Maps. This software is also completely undetectable on the target’s phone.

Another way to track a person’s location is to use their cell phone to trace the person’s exact location. You can do this using the Location Sharing menu in Google Maps. Make sure the person you’re tracking has location sharing enabled on their phone. Otherwise, it would help if you asked them to turn on the feature. Once you do, you can view their location in real-time.

Using a PC, you can still track someone’s location without permission using Google maps. First, you need to get the location-sharing link of that person. Alternatively, you can get this information from their email or other messaging apps.

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How to turn off Google Maps tracking?

Simply, you can stop sharing your location if you want.

  • And you need to open the Google Maps app.
  • Go to ‘Location Sharing’.
  • Tap the profile of the person you don’t want to share the location with.
  • And tap on the “Stop” option to stop location sharing.

How to Track Cell Phone Numbers on Google Maps Without Anyone Knowing?

Recently Google has sent regular notification alerts to anyone sharing their location. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to locate a phone number on Google Maps without knowing them. Also, the targeted person has to give permission to share the location with you.

  • For that reason, you need to have the consent of the targeted person to search for phone numbers on Google Maps.
  • But if you want to track cell phone numbers without anyone knowing, then the best phone tracker application is here.
  • Spy apps and cell phone tracker apps are the best way. And in every spy application, MobileSpy is the best.
  • And MobileSpy controls excessive use of mobile or the internet. It also helps you to get GPS location as many times as you want and helps you to get your current location instantly. So, MobileSpy is also the best solution to track devices. The app is mostly used in offices to track the activities of employees or for parents to exercise parental control over their children.

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