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Mobile Live Location

Mobile Live Location, Find live location of mobile number for free, try these methods

Mobile Live Location:- When a call comes in, Live Mobile Location keeps note of the caller’s name and location. With the help of this straightforward and original program, Live Mobile Location, you can track your real-time whereabouts on a GPS map. the caller’s name, location, and cell phone number, as well as their entire current position at that same moment.


Mobile Live Location

A must-have little tool is Live Mobile Location, which allows you to quickly view your current location as well as the name, cell phone number, and location of any incoming calls. Use this mobile Live Mobile Location application to search for any mobile number’s details; simply input the phone number you want to search for details for and check the details.

When a call comes in, Live Mobile Location keeps note of the caller’s name and location. With the help of this straightforward and original program, Live Mobile Location, you can track your real-time whereabouts on a GPS map.

How Does It Operate?

With live mobile phone location monitoring, a GPS phone tracker uses GPS to track the present location and address of a phone or device.

With the help of Live Mobile Number Locator Free, you can quickly determine where you are and who is contacting you by using GPS phone tracking and mobile tracking to locate the phone number on the device. You may locate the location of a phone number with the use of the Live Mobile Number Locator software.

With our Live Mobile Number Locator which includes location and address, you may find your misplaced phone. You can track your whereabouts more easily with the help of Live Mobile’s Whereabouts Finder. You may track your live whereabouts on Live Mobile Locator, a very straightforward and unique tool.

Mobile Live Location

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Use this method to find the mobile number’s current location.


It is compatible with both iOS and Android. People can trace any device with this. You can track someone in real time on the Android platform with this software. You can also review additional check-in and check-out information in this.

Additionally, this software has intelligent parental control options, real-time device location monitoring, etc. In the Google Play Store, this app received 4.2 stars. Find Live Location of Mobile Number is a free app.

Family Locator:

It is a location app tracker as well. It is compatible with both iOS and Android. With this software, users may quickly find out where their friends or family members are. Furthermore, it provides real-time location information for each individual.

The Google Play Store has rated this app with 4.4 stars. This software is free to download, but you must pay Rs 320 a month to access its premium features.

Glympse (find the live location of the mobile number):

It is compatible with both iOS and Android. An owner can use this to find out where he works as well.

Additionally, anyone can use this program to track their current location. It also features texting and in-app navigation. In the Google Play Store, this app received 4.3 stars. This program, which is available for free, locates mobile numbers in real time.

Find My Friends:

It is compatible with both iOS and Android. This is a useful tool for locating someone. You can track someone using their phone number with this software. You can also share locations in real-time. The Google Play Store has rated this app with 3.7 stars.

Although this app is free, you will need to pay Rs 320 a month to access its premium features.

Mobile Live Location

GPS Phone Tracker:

It tracks your whereabouts as well. In the Google Play Store, this app received 4.2 stars. This app is available for free, however, to enjoy its premium features, you must pay Rs. 140/-per month.

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Real-time location tracking types

Different kinds of real-time location tracking exist. It contains Google Maps, cell phone numbers, and live GPS tracking.

A GPS is the most used tool for tracking locations in real-time. Parents can use this tracking kind to monitor their children or pets, but businesses use it to monitor their vehicles. This kind of precise real-time location tracking doesn’t depend on cell phone numbers.

Instead of GPS, a different method of real-time location tracking employs mobile phone numbers. This type of monitoring locates and tracks a subject by using the infrastructure of the mobile network provider. Next, a server receives the data and uses cell towers and cellular signals to pinpoint the exact location of the problem. The availability of this real-time location monitoring feature by mobile phone companies has greatly improved it in recent years.

The third method of tracking a subject’s whereabouts in real-time uses Google Maps to share information about the subject’s position and surroundings. Google receives information on the tracked topic, which it combines with data from Google Maps to provide you with the whereabouts of your loved ones at all times. Although this method can be useful, it necessitates that the user give his position over WhatsApp or messages.

Online Mobile Number Tracker with Real-Time Location

You can find the current location of any mobile number on a lot of websites and apps. These applications or websites find a certain mobile number using mobile towers and then show the location of the phone.

You can trace any cellphone number with the help of a brand-new app called Cellphone Number Tracker. You can track all of your friends, coworkers, relatives, and anybody else who owns a phone using this software. All GSM phones, including iPhones and Android phones, are compatible with this app.

Installing the software on your device and entering the phone number of the person you wish to track are the only steps required. Without any delay, the app will begin tracking that person’s whereabouts in real-time. Also, you may use this software anywhere in the world because it locates a certain number using a GPS signal. Google Maps also lets you know who your target is at any given moment.

Google Map Real-time Location Sharing

Using Google Maps on an iPhone or Android device to share your location is straightforward. To share your location, you can send a message via email, WhatsApp, SMS, or other channels. The message points to Google Maps so the recipient can see the exact position of the person they were looking for when they open it.

You can download Google Maps for Android and iPhone for free from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Map Google Users can share their current positions on Google Maps both publicly and with friends and family by using the real-time location-sharing tool.

How Does Real-time Location Tracking Work

Mobile Live Location

The technique of tracking an object or person’s current location in real-time is known as real-time location tracking. You will receive up-to-date location information from the system, which will continuously monitor the target.

Passive and active systems are the two categories of systems that pertain to tracking. To transmit location data, a passive system just needs one GPS-equipped device. However, a dynamic system necessitates a network or Bluetooth link between the two devices.

Usually, cars or other vehicles with integrated GPS chips use passive systems. If a pet has an implanted chip buried beneath their skin, this technique also functions effectively for tracking them.

When you need to constantly watch over your workers or kids, as at work or school, you need active systems. For these systems to function, wireless network connections between the target and the tracker are necessary for data transmission back and forth.

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Why Is Real-Time Location Tracking Necessary?

There are various justifications for using this type of application or program for tracking:

  • Find out where their child is if they haven’t arrived home from school on time.
  • Find out where the employees who consistently arrive late to work are.
  • Find out where their partner is being unfaithful to them.
  • Concerned for their aging parents and want to know if a neighbor or family member is taking care of them.

FAQs On Mobile Live Location

Q.) Can I use my cell number to track my current location?

Ans. Yes, you can use a mobile number to track its present location, but you will require the target’s consent to do so. 3. How Can I Use a Google Map to Find a Cell Phone Number for Free? If you know their phone number, you can use Google Maps “Find My Device” tool to find their Android phone.

Q.) How can I see the location of my phone live?

Ans. Find someone’s location

  • Launch the Google Maps app on your tablet or Android phone.
  • Press your initial or profile image. sharing of locations.
  • Select the desired person’s profile by tapping on it. To revise the individual’s location: Click the icon of a friend. Extra. Restart.

Q.) How Can I Trace the Mobile Live Location?

Ans. The AirDroid Parental Control App allows you to track a mobile device’s location in real-time. The target mobile device’s software is simple to install, and you can begin tracking its whereabouts in real-time.

Q.) Which App Tracks Your Location in Real Time the Best?

Ans. With the help of the AirDroid Parental Control software, you can monitor someone’s whereabouts in real-time and get alerts when they leave a predetermined area.

Q.) How Does Android Track Location in Real-Time?

Ans. The AirDroid Parental Control app, which lets users follow their loved ones in real-time, works with all Android smartphones. Also included in the page above is a thorough guide on Android tracking.

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