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Phone Number Tracker Free App

Phone Number Tracker Free App, List of Top 10 Spy Apps, Track a Cell Phone with GPS Turned Off, Tracker Phone by Spyine

Phone Number Tracker Free App: Mobile Number Location Tracker is a handy smartphone application that provides users with the ability to know the location of inbound calls. Yes, it is entirely possible to track the location of a phone number using a free phone spy application. However, I would advise against using them as most of the free tools are not to be trusted at all. Remember, this is spyware you’re dealing with. If you have a tracking app or spyware on your phone, it can send your data charges through the roof, as it’s common for such apps to use the GPS to track your phone’s location and whoever is controlling them. It’s quite common to use data roaming to report back to him.


How to Track Mobile Number Location by Number Tracker 

Tracking a cell phone location via its number may seem impossible at first, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s quite simple, and really, there are two valid ways to do it:

  • Using the Phone Lookup Service. This service can help locate the general area of the phone
  • Using a Spying App. This service can trace the exact location of the phone through its number.
  • While the first method is free and can give you an approximate location, it will not tell you the exact location of the phone nor will it record the phone’s movement history. On the other hand, a spy app uses an inbuilt GPS to track the phone and tells you its exact location. Therefore, a spy app is more reliable, effective, and convenient than a phone lookup service.

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List of top 10 spy apps in the market today.

  • Numlooker – An excellent tool for mobile number tracking
  • WhoCallMe – Scan the deep web and perform comprehensive searches on social media
  • USPhoneSearch – This contains all the basic features you need when tracking a mobile number.
  • USPhoneLookup – an excellent service that helps you find out who is calling in minutes
  • TheNumberLookup – allows you to quickly identify the caller and get access to all available information about him
  • WhatIsThisNumber – The most standard and convenient reverse phone lookup service
  • Spokeo – Experience the Expert Service of Phone Lookup
  • CocoSpy – uses a phone monitoring application that will track an Android or iOS smartphone without the owner’s knowledge
  • Spike – Using this tool a gadget can be tracked by its mobile number.
  • Spine – This enables you to track mobile phone numbers fast and easily.

How to Track a Cell Phone with GPS Turned Off?

Track a phone with a Wi-Fi logger instead of a GPS

The only effective and easy way to locate a phone without GPS is through professional third-party apps. The name of the app that we are going to discuss here is Kidsguard Pro Location Tracker. This program can track the location of your target user in real-time and the location history is updated every 5 minutes. It helps you to determine the live movement of the target.

How does the KidsGuard Pro GPS track a phone that is turned off?

KidsGuard Pro offers 2 effective methods for location tracking. The first is GPS locating and the second is Wi-Fi location tracking. Even if the GPS is turned off, the KidsGuard Pro is able to use Wi-Fi hotspots to provide a fairly accurate address, which is used when the GPS is insufficient for various reasons, including multipath and signal blockage.

Phone Number Tracker Free App

Why choose KidsGuard Pro to track phones when GPS is off?

  • This is the easiest and simplest way you can imagine to track cell phones without GPS. And the setup is very user-friendly without any professional knowledge.
  • This app provides accurate and real-time location. With the help of a Wi-Fi Logger, you can track the phone even inside the house while GPS is of no use. More details will be shown like address, time, duration, and name of Wi-Fi.
  • It is completely undetectable on the target device, so you can track it without anyone knowing.
  • Tracking cell phone locations through your device at any time is a long-term solution.
  • KidsGuard Pro is trusted and trusted by many tech sites and millions of users worldwide. So you don’t have to worry about phishing and privacy leaks.
Free Phone Number Tracker Without Permission

How to track a cell phone with GPS turned off via KidsGuard Pro?

Few simple steps to try KidsGuard Pro as it works effectively to track phone position when GPS is off.

  • Use a valid email id to create an account by tapping on the Try it Now option. You will need to purchase a premium plan to access its Effective Location feature.
  • After completing registration, obtain the target device and navigate to to download the KidsGuard Pro app. Please note that you must follow the on-screen wizard and allow all permissions on the target phone.
  • After completing the installation, go to the KidsGuard Pro web portal. You can select all the options on the left side to get the device’s location and location history.

More features you can access through KidsGuard Pro:

  • Although KidsGuard Pro is defined as the best location-tracking app, it is an app that is packed with many other features as well. See, this may work for you.
  • KidsGuard Pro is equipped with an advanced Geofence feature. You can create a virtual fence and you will be notified if they cross.
  • Real-time messaging spying on the target device is possible using its superior monitoring capability; You can spy on text messages and social messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Snapchat, etc.
  • You can check various things like browser history, contacts, photos, videos, call logs, etc.
  • A Keystroke reader has also been added. Anything typed on the target device will be recorded.
  • You can take a screenshot of the target phone to know what is going on in the phone right now.

Track phone by phone number tracker – not working

You can see that a lot of users search “How to track GPS turned off cell phone using phone number?” Then there will be a lot of online phone number tracking sites, but they may not be as effective as you think.

Firstly, you can just type your cell phone number along with user details like name, email, etc. into and you can see some results. Because the Google company has already collected the information of the people and if the phone number is crawled then there may be a possibility of finding out its source. Secondly, there are many online phone number trackers such as Whitepages or Truecaller. But they are more suitable for knowing how to track a phone number rather than as actual location trackers. It should be noted that these online cell phone number trackers will only show the number to see who owns it or in which country/city the owner is registered, which is useless if you are looking to track the real-time movement of the target phone. Want to

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Track phone by Find my device/ find my iPhone – not working at all

When it comes to tracking cell phone location free, everyone will first come up with Find My Device or Find My iPhone. To give a simple introduction, Find My Device is an application developed by Google for Android devices while Find My iPhone is by Apple for iOS devices.

These 2 apps are primarily designed to locate lost or stolen devices. You can also use them as location-tracking apps. But wait! If the location is turned off, can you track the phone with these apps? Do they still work as you expect? Unfortunately, the answer is no! When we tested these inbuilt apps, we found that the target phone has to keep GPS on, otherwise the location service may not work at all.

We’ve discussed why we call KidsGuard Pro the best solution to track a cell phone without GPS. This app not only provides accurate GPS tracking but also Wi-Fi logger tracking, which ensures that you are aware of every detail of the target phone’s location. If you already have the app installed, you can simply go to the web portal and tap on the location option to find the device location on the map. For those who haven’t installed KidsGuard Pro yet, we also suggest giving it a try as it works effectively to track someone’s cell phone location.

Phone Number Tracker Free App

Phone Number Tracker App: Spyine

The spyine is an iconic solution used by parents and employers in over 190 countries worldwide, with over one million app downloads to date. It neither stores nor shares your personal details. It is not a free App

What information does the spine reveal?

  • Virtual Map: The app shows you the device location on a virtual, interactive map. You can also see where the device was located in the last weeks
  • Addresses: The location log keeps tabs on the exact addresses of the location, providing street name, address, neighborhood, city, and exact geographic coordinates.
  • Google Maps: Integration with Google Maps enables you to access the location with familiar features like Google’s 3D Street View
  • Timestamp: The spyine tracks the time and date the device visited a particular location
  • Spine Virtual Map

In addition, to live location tracking, the app also supports SIM card and cellular network tracking:

  • Phone Number Tracker: Spine tracks the SIM card and, by extension, the phone number the person is using. If they change their phone number, you can ask them to send an email
  • SIM card log: The SIM log tracks important SIM information, such as the IMEI number
  • Location Tracker: The Location Tracker in the SIM window can show the location of the SIM card based on cellular network information.
  • find a phone with a spyine

No root or jailbreak required: Phone Number Tracker Free App

  • One advantage of using Spyine’s phone tracker is that you do not need to root or jailbreak the target device. This is necessary for some such apps.
  • We don’t recommend rooting or jailbreaking unless you really know what you’re doing. This is not only difficult, but it can also leave the device open to malware and data loss. In many cases, it will even void the warranty.
  • The spyine works on stock Android and iOS devices and has a minimal setup. You’ll need access to the Android device you want to track, whereas iPhones can be configured remotely when you’re connected to the device’s iCloud account.

How to track phone location with Spine?

  • It takes about 10 minutes to set up Spyine to track a phone location using a phone number.
  • If you want to track an Android phone, you must first install the Spyine app on that device. You’ll need to register an account and sign up for a monthly subscription, but after that, you can manage the account remotely via the dashboard on another phone or in a computer browser.
  • It’s possible to remotely install Spyine on an iPhone, but you’ll need to enter that device’s iCloud username and password to do so. The app then accesses the iCloud backup to confirm the device’s location.
Sprint IMEI Checker

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FAQs on Phone Number Tracker Free App

Can I track someone’s location by phone number?
You can track a person’s location on Google Maps only if that person’s phone number is registered with Google. View the location of a phone number simply by opening Google Maps, signing in to your Google Account, and selecting the number you want to track.

Can I track a sim number?
If you want to locate a lost or stolen phone, you can use the SIM card number to locate the phone. All it takes is contacting your mobile network provider.

Can you track someone by their phone number without their permission?
Yes, there are apps that track someone by cell phone number without them knowing. We also have premium apps that offer a free plan for users with limited features.

How to find someone by phone number?
Finding someone by phone number can be a simple process if you go with Google’s basic search. This is a free online search that brings up a lot of information against a single search. Google has many registered public records and records that provide you with all the details, social media accounts, or court records.

How do police track a mobile?
A mobile service provider can block the said mobile phone by blacklisting the IMEI number. Once blacklisted, the phone becomes unusable as it can no longer be used. The operator can locate a mobile phone by GPS using its IMEI number, thus helping you to locate your lost or stolen mobile phone.

Can the phone be tracked when it is switched off?
A switched-off phone is difficult to track because it has stopped sending signals to cell towers. However, the service provider or internet provider may show the last location after it is turned back on.

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