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Samsung IMEI Checker

Samsung IMEI Checker, Steps to use Warranty/Carrier/SN Inquiry Service, How does IME work? Ways to Find IMEI

Samsung IMEI Checker: IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a 15-17 digit code assigned to every mobile phone. And this number is used by service providers to uniquely identify valid devices. So in particular, the IMEI code can enable a global system for mobile communications (GSM) or Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service (UMTS) networks to prevent a misplaced or stolen phone from initiating calls. IMEI is also a part of Mobile Device Management.


Use of IMEI

Individuals buying used phones can check the IMEI number and see if the phone is legit or not. Checking the number can also inform users about the country and network the device originated from, warranty, carrier information, and other similar details. Both law enforcement and intelligence services can use IMEI numbers to track devices within an accuracy of a few meters. The service provider can use the IMEI number to create a blacklist of stolen devices. If a user reports the phone stolen, the service provider can add the number to a blacklist and block the phone from its network. There is a voluntary charter in the United Kingdom operated by mobile networks that helps ensure that the blacklisting of a handset by any operator is reported to the CEIR (Central Equipment Identity Register), then returned within 48 hours. to all other networks within.

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How does IME work?

In most mobile communication devices, the IMEI appears on the display when the user enters the character sequence *#06# (star-pound-zero-six-pound) into the keypad. The IMEI code can also be found printed on the inside of the battery compartment. When a phone set is lost or stolen, the owner can call the CEIR (Central Equipment Identity Register) and blacklist the device as per its IMEI number. After that action, in most cases the set will be rendered useless — even if someone swaps out the unit’s SIM card. However, although it is not an easy task, a skilled and determined cracker can sometimes change the IMEI number and use the stolen set to make calls.

Immediately after purchasing a mobile communication device, the owner should record the IMEI code in a safe place so that it can be quickly accessed in case of loss or theft.

Ways to Find IMEI, MEID, Model Number, or Serial Number?

Although the IMEI, serial number, or model number may sound complicated, they are very easy to look up. You can easily check these numbers directly on the phone or tablet. all you have to do is:

Navigate to and open Settings, and then tap About phone or tablet.

However, there are other ways to check your IMEI or Serial Number.

Here is a list of alternative methods that you can use:

  • About the phone screen displaying information about the Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • Back of your device: The IMEI and serial number are printed in small text on the bottom of the back of the device.
  • Under the battery: If you have a removable battery, look under or under the battery for the device’s IMEI or serial number.
  • Packaging: The original box may have the full IMEI and the serial number of the device listed.
  • Your carrier’s website: Your device’s IMEI and serial number may be listed in your account statement.
  • Bill of Sale: Review your sales receipt or contract for your device’s IMEI and serial number.
  • Samsung Members: If you have a Samsung Account and the Samsung Members app is installed, the serial number stored in Samsung Members is actually your phone or tablet’s IMEI number.
  • Dial *#06# on the phone to display the IMEI and serial number.

Note: This only works if supported by your carrier.

Keep your Samsung account secure

Why do you need 2-Step Verification?

It’s easier for someone to steal your password than you think. A bad app is downloaded from the Internet or a malicious link is clicked, and someone:

  • Access your call history and text messages
  • View any photos you’ve synced with the cloud
  • Log in to any of your linked accounts
  • Two-step verification keeps people out of your account who want your data, even if they have your password.

How does it work?

  • You will enter your password to sign in
  • The first step remains the same. You simply enter your account ID and password.
  • You will be asked to enter a verification code
  • We’ll send you a secret code via a text message or notification (you can also get a code from an authenticator app or your backup code). When entering your code, you can choose to skip the verification code step on that device to make it easier to sign in next time

How does it protect you?

Two-Step Verification adds another layer of security to your account. To sign in, you’ll need your password along with a verification code from your phone, the Authenticator app, or a set of backup codes. Even if someone has your password, they won’t be able to sign in because they can’t access your verification code.

  • Keeping your Samsung Account secure
  • Two-Step Verification makes your account more secure, but you still need to be careful. To make sure your Samsung Account stays secure and accessible:
  • Keep your list of backup codes in a safe place
  • Protect all your devices with one strong screen lock
  • Make sure others can’t see or intercept your verification code
Samsung IMEI Checker

Samsung IMEI Checker – Check Warranty, Carrier, Model, Purchase Date & More

Make sure to check its IMEI first to make sure it is not blacklisted, SIM locked, Google FRP locked, or reported lost or stolen. You can easily do this with the help of the Samsung IMEI Checker service.

It offers a free Samsung IMEI checkup service that provides tons of useful information about your Samsung device. All you need to do is give us your SN or IMEI number. Our tool will show you the following details: Warranty Status, Model Name, Model Number, Date of Purchase, Estimated Age of the Device, Original Network/Carrier, and more.

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Steps to use Warranty/Carrier/SN Inquiry Service

  • Find your SN or IMEI number and enter it in the relevant field. You can achieve this by dialing *#06# or by going to Settings – About phone section of your Samsung phone.
  • After searching and entering the IMEI number of your Samsung phone, please complete the captcha verification and click on the Check button to begin.
  • Wait a few seconds for your Samsung device information to appear. You can copy or save the information. The eligibility to be unlocked will also be displayed so that you can use our services to unlock it.
Cricket Wireless IMEI Tracker

Check Samsung Warranty, Model, Carrier & Unlock Options

No competing IMEI checking service offers so many options for free. Our Samsung IMEI carrier check tool is user-friendly, and you can use it to look up information on any Samsung model in existence. No effort is required from your side. Simply enter the IMEI into the checker to get your information. You can find your device’s IMEI number in several ways, such as by dialing *#06# on your device. Alternatively, go to Settings > About device > IMEI.

All we need is the IMEI to present you with all the important information including country, warranty, and network status. This service is ideal for those who have bought or are planning to buy a second-hand Samsung soon. With this service, you can double-check the information given to you by the seller.

The information you see is taken from Samsung’s servers. Our site is linked to their official server and all information is downloaded from there. After checking IMEI you will know on which network your Samsung device is.

You can then order a relevant unlock service from our site.

  • Samsung IMEI Check Sample Information:
  • IMEI: 3540907915** Serial Number: R5CR30*
  • Model Name: Samsung SM-G998U
  • Model Number: SM-G998UZKEATT
  • Carrier: AT&T USA
  • Production Date: March 17, 2021
  • Warranty: Active till June 17, 2022
  • Device age: 152 days

And if your Samsung device is Google locked, we recommend checking out FRP Removal Service.

Samsung IMEI Checker

IMEI number in Samsung on the box

IMEI number is also written on the box of your mobile. You can check your phone box to find out the IMEI number of your mobile.

How to get IMEI number with Samsung Settings

The Samsung IMEI number can also be found in the About phone option in System Settings. You can follow the simple steps to find the IMEI number on Samsung mobile:

  • Go to System Settings.
  • Scroll down and tap on the About phone option.
  • IMEI number is available here.
  • Find the IMEI number in Samsung without the phone
  • If you have lost your Samsung mobile then you must be searching for the IMEI number of your device to block it or file an FIR at the police station.

As we have already told you that your IMEI number is already written on the box that comes with the handset and it is also available on the invoice or purchase proof of your phone. Also, if you do not have the box or invoice, you can view your order history if you have purchased your mobile online. You can download the proof of purchase (invoice) of your mobile again from the order history in online shopping apps. The IMEI number is also written on the back of the sealed device and on the inside of the back cover for unsealed mobile phones.

Mobile Tracker: Samsung IMEI Checker

Mobile Tracker is a feature in a basic phone that sends you an SMS with a new SIM mobile number and IMEI number if someone changes your SIM after stealing your phone.

Also, you can enable Mobile Tracker in basic Samsung phones in System Settings. This is a built-in feature and a very useful feature.

But this feature is not available in smartphones. So you can enable Find My Mobile on Samsung Smartphones which can help you to retrieve your Samsung Mobile in case it is stolen.

US Cellular IMEI Checker

How to verify the IMEI number?

If the IMEI number of any mobile phone can verify whether it is valid or not. Indian Govt. An online portal has been launched to check the IMEI number of every internet device. When buying a new or used mobile phone, you must check the Samsung phone IMEI number.

You can check the IMEI number of all internet devices, feature phones, and smartphones in the way given below.

So follow the easy steps to check the IMEI number of a Samsung phone:

  • Visit the CEIR.GOV.IN IMEI checker online portal by the Government of India.
  • Then enter your mobile number to verify yourself.
  • Provide the OTP sent to your mobile number.
  • Enter the IMEI number of your Samsung phone.
  • It will show all the details of your IMEI number.
  • You should verify your mobile IMEI number to confirm whether it is valid or not and it will also show you if it is reported or blocked.

If you notice anything unusual then you should not buy that phone or if you have already bought it then report it to CEIR. You can also file a fault with CEIR to get your query answered or the problem resolved.

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FAQs on Samsung IMEI Checker

How can I track my mobile by IMEI number?
The first step is to file a report about the lost or stolen phone with the police and keep a copy of the report before IMEI number tracking. Step 2: Then, contact your service provider for the issue of a duplicate SIM card; When you request to block the IMEI number, you will receive an OTP on this number.

*#0 *# What is it?
When you enter #0# in the phone’s dialer, the device enters service mode and brings up the diagnostics menu. From this screen, you can view and run a number of diagnostics to test device hardware such as buttons, sensors, and cameras.

Are There Fake Samsung Phones?
Nowadays, many counterfeiters are making cheap copies of Samsung phones and selling them as the real thing. Be it flagship models like the Samsung S23 or mid-range phones like the Samsung A73, fake copies are being sold everywhere. These fakes often have the same specs and features as the original phone.

Can the phone have a fake IMEI?
Every genuine mobile phone has a serial number to register it to a carrier’s network. And this number is called the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. The IMEI number can be used to verify the validity of the phone. Often counterfeit models do not have an IMEI number or fakes are used.

What is Samsung Verification?
Samsung 2-Step Verification is an advanced security feature that prevents anyone from signing in to your Samsung Account. It strengthens security by using two different authentication factors to verify your credentials: a password and an additional security code.

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